About Me

My name is Charlie Diehl, and for as long as I can remember, I have been a collector. As a kid I began by collecting baseball cards. In college I started collecting modern first edition books, and later still I was turned on to original theatrical movie posters. Most recently, I have developed a taste for vinyl. To support my collection addiction, I run a collectibles eBay store where I sell all of the aforementioned things and much more. I have decided to begin this blog because the kind of records I most appreciate are lesser known bands from the mid-to-late 60s, mostly in the garage, psychedelic, and protopunk genres. Being a novice vinyl collector, I was a little lost on where to start with my collection. I searched the internet for a website of reviews of these underground 60s albums, but found nothing like I was hoping to find. I hope in beginning this blog I will be able to share the knowledge and opinions I gain along my journey of collecting 60s garage, psychedelic, and protopunk music. I will review and share all the albums I discover along the way.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I was thinking of a particular song from the mid-sixties, and relaized I’d forgotten the group’s name. Solution; check the internet. And, that’s how I found your website.

    Your review spoke to several of the impressions that stuck with me all these years. I currently don’t even own a turntabe, but if I did I would certainly like to hear this particular album. i’m going to place your website in my favorites because, at my lieasure I’d like to read about more of these records I remember and you’ve reviewed. Thanks.

    The somg I was thinking of: LIES by the Fabulous Knicerbockers.

    • I’m glad that you’ve found my reviews helpful and enjoyable. It’s good to hear from others who share my passion for mid-sixties music. I do this because I enjoy it, but knowing that others do as well makes it all the more worthwhile. Feel free to drop me any suggestions for future reviews. I’m always looking for “new” sixties bands.

  2. In the late 1960’s I had a group, the Peanut Butter Conspiracy on Columbia Records. I don’t know if you know of us, but I have just released a new cd featuring Barbara, our female lead singer. It is the first time she is featured on every song. Five of the songs have not been previously released, two are from movie soundtracks that are rare, and the other five are hand-picked from previous releases that show off her voice nicely. I’m trying to get word out about this release that I did myself out of love and knowing that the people that love her voice would like to hear these recordings and I am the only one that could do it or they would be lost forever. I did it with CreateSpace on Amazon and that’s the only way the cd can be purchased and also at: https://www.peanutbutterconspiracy.com it will take you to:
    If you are interested in doing anything I am open to whatever you may need to help get the word out.
    Thank you,
    Alan Brackett

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